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Norfolk Showground Continues to Go Green

Anglian Waste Recycling have been working alongside the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association (RNAA), and the 150-acre site at the Norfolk Showground to manage and reduce their waste disposal and recycling since April 2023.

Following a busy summer season with key large-scale events such as The Royal Norfolk Show and the Sundown Festival, the Anglian Waste Recycling team met with RNAA Site Delivery Manager Mike Parker to share the latest recycling rates data and to show what they’d been able to achieve.

Ryan Marshall, Senior Environment & Waste Manager at Anglian Waste Recycling (left) with Mike Parker, Site Delivery Manager at RNAA (right)

Zero to Hero

The Showgrounds latest monthly recycling rates are sitting at 65%, for comparison a shopping centre's recycling rate tends to be around 45% so this data is positive considering that the summer is the site’s busiest period with festival goers and dog show attendees all contributing to the waste of the site.

Anglian are committed to ensuring that minimal amounts of the waste that is collected ends up at landfill, and this is no different when it comes to large sites like the Norfolk Showground. Each of the bins on site is taken and sorted through a picking line and magnets to ensure that as much as possible is recycled and reused. Following on from this the data is collated and shared and Anglian are able to help the Showground make informed decisions about their waste management.

Our viewing tower at the Norfolk Show earlier this summer – Picture credit: Paul Macro

Sustainability Partnerships

The Showground already generates its own electricity and treats its own water on site are a beacon of sustainability and great partnerships for us to have under our belt at Anglian Waste Recycling. We are proud to be working in partnership with them as we love working with Mike and the entire team at RNAA (especially Wellington the office dog)!

Wellington the RNAA office dog!

2024’s planning is already underway and both parties are looking at ways to further improve the rates that have already been achieved. Watch this space for further updates in 2024!

Get in the Mix

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