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New Partnership Begins Between Anglian Waste Recycling and Norwich School

As the Autumn term started, Anglian Waste Recycling are proud to commence its new partnership with the historic Norwich School.

The co-educational, independent school is divided into two areas catering for over 1000 students, with the lower school providing a base for 4-11 year old pupils. While the senior school caters for the 11-18 age group.

Anglian Waste Recycling will now be working with the school, based in the centre of Norwich next to the landmark that is Norwich Cathedral, to focus on reducing the amount of waste heading from the school to landfill. Anglian Waste Recycling will also be assisting the school to make the students feel included in the journey to sustainability.

Anglian Waste Recycling’s Field Sales Executive Darcy Raven (left) with Norwich School’s Kate Smith, Head of Operations (centre) and Gene Bollingbroke, Estate Supervisor (right).

Pizza Crusts to PlayStations

Sustainable choices, even small ones go a long way to lessening the impact of an organisation, and that effect is compounded for such a large site like Norwich School. One of the bigger impact choices they have made is to use Anglian Waste Recycling to take care of their food waste.

With students and staff separating their food waste from the other items to be recycled or that must be included within the general waste, it can be taken to an anaerobic digestion plant (AD Plant) in Attleborough, Norfolk, a journey that is less than 20 miles. The AD Plant transforms the waste into biomethane gas through the use of complex microbial communities that break down (or digest) the waste. The biogas that is created from the site supplies 4,000 Attleborough homes and businesses with a green alternative to fossil fuels. The digestate biofertilizer that is left by the process is then used by local farms to improve soil quality and add nutrients to the crops, which it goes without saying is a much better solution than some manufactured alternatives. 

Norwich School’s educational posters on food waste in The Refectory.

Education First

Alongside informed decisions about its waste, the school is educating students and staff to make better choices and further reduce the impact the school has on the environment. The school already has posters in place in high footfall areas for students, and with the addition of clear labels now on the waste management units, everyone has the opportunity to contribute positively to the schools monthly waste management statistics.

Anglian Waste Recycling is looking forward to supplying the school with monthly reports on their waste management, allowing students and staff to understand their involvement, visualize their achievements and see the areas which they could improve further. Anglian Waste Recycling will also be working to provide the school with posters discussing the anaerobic process for the waste and how it can benefit communities and agriculture.

Clearly labelled bins help staff and students separate their waste effectively.

A Bright Partnership

Anglian Waste Recycling are looking forward to supporting the site with its waste management endevours, and create a partnership to educate the students and staff and get everyone involved with sustainable choices. Future projects on the horizon include partnering with the school’s Green Group, a collection of senior school pupils with a focus on sustainability and recycling, supporting with events and even more segregation of waste to increase the efficiency of the site.


Our journey with Norwich School started with a free Waste Audit, which we offer free of charge to any organisation. You can learn more about what it could mean to your business or get in touch with a member of the team on 01953 528 888 or


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