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Helping Norfolk & Norwich Festival to boost green credentials

We are helping to make this year’s Norfolk & Norwich Festival more sustainable by sorting, collecting and processing waste from the event hub in Chapelfield Gardens.


Anglian Waste Recycling is rolling out 30 bins across the city-centre park, known during the event as Festival Gardens, to collect four different types of waste – dry mixed recycling, glass, food waste and refuse. All waste collected over the 17-day arts festival in May will be brought back to our facility in Attleborough to be processed, with zero being sent to landfill.

Food waste collected will be sent for anaerobic digestion – a process which produces bioenergy (gas) for local homes in Norfolk. Recycling is sorted and processed, with any residual waste being sent to create refuse derived fuel.


Mark Denbigh, Head of Production & Programme at Norfolk & Norwich Festival, said: “We’re excited that Anglian offer us a more sustainable way to process our festival waste and this agreement allows us to take a positive step in the right direction to reduce our carbon footprint.”


Ryan Marshall, waste and recycling director at Anglian, said: “We are delighted to be providing a total waste solution for the Festival Gardens, which will see the recycling rates for this year increase as we collect waste to be processed and avoid it going to landfill. As a local company, we are pleased to be able to support popular local events such as Norfolk & Norwich Festival and help them to work towards their environmental targets.”

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