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Climate Action Takes Centre Stage at Norwich Theatre Playhouse

October saw the spotlight firmly set on Norwich Theatre Playhouse as it hosted the Business of Climate Stories event, which forms part of Norwich Theatre’s Creative Matters Season. The season is aimed to foster collaborations amongst businesses, encouraging them to develop comprehensive sustainability strategies and address climate change within their local communities. The goal is to contribute to the building of a green economy - one that prioritises environmental responsibility while fostering business growth.

The event saw business leaders and experts committed to making a positive impact on the environment gather to listen to a trio of panels discussing sharing insights with the local business community and learning from the other panellists about tactics and how to implement them.

Anglian’s Commitment to Climate Action

Ryan Marshall, Senior Environment & Waste Manager at Anglian Waste Recycling proudly represented the group. As being a key player in the company’s sustainability efforts, Ryan had the opportunity to share the commitment to environmental stewardship and discuss the strides that Anglian are making towards a more sustainable future.

As a self-confessed “recycling geek” Ryan took part in the Business panel with enthusiasm and helped cement Anglian Recycling’s reputation as one of the leading recycling organisations in the region. Ryan underscored the dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment, and emphasised the importance of collaboration among businesses to effect meaningful change, both locally and globally. Sharing experiences and challenges, Ryan highlighted the steps Anglian takes to reduce waste, increase recycling rates, and promote a circular economy.

The panel was chaired by Asher Minns, Executive Director at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglian. Speaking alongside Ryan were James Groves of Indigo Swan, Dr Nigel Hargreaves of Synfo and Thomas Panton of Canopey who were able to impart their extensive knowledge of sustainable practices.

Some of the changes raised by the panel that Norfolk Businesses could commit to in the next 2 years are:

  • Giving nature advocacy

  • Designing the business, not just the product

  • Eliminating waste

Sharing with the Local Community

Anglian recognises the interconnectedness of businesses in the fight against climate change. By actively participating in events like the Business of Climate Stories, the company aims to contribute to a collective effort that goes beyond individual companies. Collaboration with other businesses is driven by the belief that together, businesses can create a more sustainable future.

Moving ahead, Anglian remains steadfast in its commitment to environmental responsibility. The team are excited about the opportunities that arise through collaboration and is looking forward to working hand in hand with the wider business community to implement innovative and sustainable practices.

A Greener Future for Your Business

One of the first steps that you can take on your positive environmental journey is to get in touch with the team to conduct a free waste audit, to see if there are steps you can take to reduce the waste you produce and lessen your impact.

Call Ryan and the team on 01953 528 888 email or visit our website today


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