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Cawston Church of England Primary joins the Anglian Green Scheme!

Cawston Church of England Primary Academy is the latest school to join the Anglian Green Scheme. The initiative, designed to make recycling fun, interactive and accessible for children in schools across East Anglia is one of the outreach programmes operated by Anglian Waste Recycling.

Anglian partners with schools to provide a range of resources including a bright and colourful recycling station, recycling workshops and assemblies, educational material for the classroom, a poster design competition to inspire students and access to a recycling tracker encouraging progress and comparison to the other schools taking part.

The aim of the scheme is to showcase that recycling is a rewarding activity that children can feel proud to be a part of, whilst educating them on the importance of waste reduction and correct recycling practices. With the hope that they will share the information and practices with their families, friends and neighbours. With the recycling station front and centre in the school playground, students are encouraged to make positive choices, fostering a culture of sustainability, and instilling eco-conscious values in the students.

These practices aren’t solely to be kept within the school grounds. With a focus on recycling as a topic for the term, it’s hoped that many students will take the sense of community responsibility away with them and make earth-conscious choices when out and about.

Sustainability Through Art

One of the resources that Anglian provides is a poster design competition, allowing the students to feel a sense of ownership of the programme, to encourages further conversations about environmentally friendly practices.

Poster design competition winners with Darcy Raven – Field Sales Exec for Anglian Waste Recycling.

The Year 1 student created a vibrant poster requesting “recycling please!” and showing some of the items that can be separated and saved from landfills.

The Year 6 student created a design for a multi-functional recycling station, where rainwater collected is provided to flower beds, and the space above the bins houses a solar array generating light for a living wall, allowing the bins to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.

Both winners received an Anglian Recycling recycled water bottle and sunglasses – showcasing what can be made from some of the plastic that is kept from landfills. They also will have their winning designs showcased on the Recycling Bin Store that is being created by the school.

The designs will take centre stage in the new school year and encourage all students to engage in sustainable practices on the playground.

The winning posters designed by competition winners Year 1 (left) and Year 6 (right)

Ready to Join the Cause?

Anglian Waste Recycling’s dedication lies in advancing sustainable waste management solutions including the Anglian Green Scheme. Through collaborative efforts with schools, parents, and students, we aspire to create a future that upholds sustainability for present and future generations alike.

If you’re a teacher or parent in the Eastern Region and you’re interested in learning more about the Anglian Green Scheme, and how it could be implemented in your school, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Let’s work together to create a greener, cleaner and more sustainable future for generations to come!


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