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Norwich BID

The preferred waste supplier for levy payers

About Norwich BID

Working on behalf of over 700 businesses, Norwich BID are funded by levy payers in the Norwich area. Their aim is to generate initiatives which have meaningful impacts on individuals who work and live in the city. Norwich BID are on a mission to turn the city green and reach their own sustainability goals. That's why we are proud to team up with the organisation to increase recycling rates and offer levy payers access to exclusive rates.

If your business is part of the Norwich BID, join us on our recycling mission. Receive your free waste audit below and request a quote for your commercial waste and recycling collections.

Our Partnership

As the preferred waste supplier for the city, as selected by the BID, we aim to introduce a range of new waste streams to businesses in Norwich. By doing this we hope to reduce the amount of material being sent to landfill and segregate any recyclable material. We spoke to Stefan Gurney, Executive Director at Norwich BID, to find out more about his mission and visions for the partnership:

  • What does the partnership with Anglian mean to Norwich BID and its members?


It's a really good opportunity for the business community to look at how they can save money on their waste, look at recycling and also work to address the sustainability and climate issues that we have across the city and wider globally.

  • What makes Anglian perfect for this project?

The tender process was very thorough and it looked at all different areas. It was a matrix scored piece but we were really impressed, one with their sustainability and their ethos but also around the value of each of the different lifts so it's saved businesses money, but then also how it worked in the community and how it was embedded in the wider city.

  • What's the vision for the Norwich BID area over the next five years?

For us, we have put together an environmental promise which has some key elements about reducing climate impact, looking at sustainable projects and looking at green infrastructures across the city, so this will be one of the key deliverables within that to be able to reduce the waste levels in the city and to be able to help make the city's carbon footprint lower.

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