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Breckland Lodge

Meet our hospitality client

About Breckland Lodge

Only 1.6 miles away from our facility, Breckland Lodge are our closest customers. Located in Attleborough Norfolk, just off the A11, the hotel and restaurant is an exciting partnership for Anglia as we are proud to increase recycling within our local community. 

Breckland lodge have been customers of Anglian Waste Recycling since September 2020, where we implemented multiple waste streams including, food waste, paper and cardboard, mixed recycling, glass and general waste.

Meet the client

Anglian Waste Recycling has built a strong relationship with Colin Kilby and now the new General Manager, Michael Wilby, along with his team over the years at Breckland Lodge, which has enabled us to optimise their waste and recycling collections to offer the most efficient service possible.

  • How has Anglian Waste Recycling helped you to reduce your waste output and manage your waste more effectively?


Following a waste audit at our site, Anglian identified opportunities to increase our recycling rates and reduce costs. A major factor was implementing a separate food waste stream collection. This removed food from our general waste which saved us money and is better for the environment.

  • How have your recycling rates benefitted since working with Anglian Waste Recycling, and what improvements have you seen in terms of waste management and sustainability?

Our recycling rates have increased by 65% which we are really pleased about. The whole site has also become more focused on how they dispose of waste and staff are more conscious about what they personally throw away.

  • How responsive and helpful have Anglian Waste Recycling's staff been, and how has their customer service helped you with your recycling needs?

The staff and customer service has been excellent. There have been occasions where our bins have been filled up quicker than we expected, but nothing has been too much trouble and Anglian have always gone the extra mile to bring forward collection days.

  • How has working with Anglian Waste Recycling helped you to stay compliant with waste disposal regulations?

Their professionalism has been second to none! The team have already prepared our site ready for the new regulations which are being enforced at the end of 2023. Their whole performance makes us feel very reassured that all waste services are always compliant.

  • What measures does Anglian Waste Recycling take to ensure that your waste is handled in an environmentally-friendly and responsible way?

We are always confident that our waste is handled responsibly. Separate waste streams are collected on different days to ensure there is no risk of contamination. Being so local to their facility is a great benefit as it reduces the distance our waste travels to be processed. Our food waste is treated via anaerobic digestion which provides gas to homes in Attleborough. 


The staff are very switched on, always highlighting to our management team on site if the bins are being filled with incorrect items so we can maximise our recycling.

  • How does Anglian Waste Recycling's services compare to other waste management options you have used in the past and do you feel that you are getting value for money?

In the past, Breckland Lodge has had a few different waste suppliers. I have to be honest and say that we have never been more confident or comfortable in how our waste is handled.

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